Whale Watching Terceira Island

Whale Watching Tours: See the Whales in their natural habitat in the Azores Islands!


The Whale Watching takes about 2h30 to 3h00. 

• Water4Fun, with the help of a whale spotter located at the top of Monte Brasil, where, through long-range binoculars, he guides the Skipper, via radio, on the whereabouts of cetaceans. 

• Having a 90% sighting rate, our employees work to provide a unique experience for our customers. 

• Therefore, the vessel of choice for this activity is a 12-meter rigid boat, the “CORBACEIRA”. 

• This is ideal for whale watching due to its ease of navigation, with a capacity for 28 people. The vessel has two 300 horsepower engines making a total of 600 horsepower. 



€ 45 Adult

€ 22,50 Children

FREE 0-5 years!


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